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Latitud and Jeeves will bring events, programs, and special offers to startup foundersLatitud and Jeeves will bring events, programs, and special offers to startup foundersLatitud and Jeeves will bring events, programs, and special offers to startup founders

Latitud and Jeeves will bring events, programs, and special offers to startup founders

The partnership will start by bringing financial benefits to founders that are part of Latitud Formation and an open webinar on fundraising for LatAm startups

Today, Latitud and Jeeves are starting a partnership to go even further on our mission to build and uplift the Latin American startup ecosystem.

Entrepreneurs using Latitud Formation, a service that helps founders to find the best corporate structure for reaching global investors, can now also access financial benefits provided by Jeeves.

Latitud ensures founders get their companies set up in the right way, maximize fundraising opportunities, and get access to world-class advice and resources (but tailored for LatAm). Founders in the Latitud community have gone on to raise over US$800M since joining.

On the other hand, Jeeves is a fintech unicorn that provides valuable financial tools for over 5,000 companies in multiple countries.

By combining forces, we can remove many of the roadblocks that exist for entrepreneurs in the region. Then, they can traverse superhighways to success.

"LatAm founders have always navigated a complex environment in terms of availability of capital, and many find themselves with this concern in the current economic environment. This partnership with Jeeves will provide tech entrepreneurs financial benefits to give them more alternatives for their runway management", says Brian Requarth, Latitud's co-founder and CEO.

"Jeeves believes Latitud has become the place for Latin American founders to start (and grow) their ventures in Latin America. Just as Jeeves has provided many Latin American founders access to the payment rails, corporate cards, and credit they need to build their companies, Latitud is building a startup community of more than 1.000 founders - building up Latin America’s startup ecosystem of top-notch operators and high-caliber talent. Combining forces together, we can remove many of the barriers that exist for entrepreneurs and build an easier path for entrepreneurs to succeed", says Dileep Thazhmon, Jeeves' co-founder.

Webinar: Demystifying fundraising for LatAm startups

The partnership extends beyond Latitud Formation's users. We’ll be hosting events, programs, and special offers throughout the year, with the goal of supporting entrepreneurs at their most critical and vulnerable times.

The first step is a free and open webinar on a critical theme for startups in the region: fundraising.

Getting money for your startup is equal parts art and science, but there's no ✨ magic ✨ behind it. We can break fundraising down into a process, providing valuable strategies for your startup to successfully raise a round.

Demystifying fundraising for LatAm startups is aimed particularly at companies in the pre-Seed and Seed stages.

In just an hour, the panel answered topics such as the common mistakes founders make during the fundraising process; how to get in front of the right Investors; when is the right time to raise venture capital; and how to stand out during initial investor conversations.

You’ll learn what works and what doesn’t directly from the founders and VCs themselves. Brian Requarth is not only Latitud's co-founder but also the founder of VivaReal and a prolific angel investor. Dileep Thazhmon is Jeeves' co-founder and also an angel investor.

Dileep is well-known among the Latitud community: he shared in our podcast before the challenges and misconceptions of hypergrowth; positive signals in LatAm's fintech ecosystem; and guess what, when to fundraise and when not to.

Antonia Rojas Eing (ALLVP), Gabriel Vasquez (a16z), and Jonathan Lewy (Investo) completed the line-up for the webinar.

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