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Latin America tech is gaining more traction than ever before


Friction is everywhere and makes the startup journey painfully hard

Latitud removes roadblocks and builds superhighways for founders in LatAm to create the world's next top tech companies.
We help them:
Start their company
Find community
Raise capital
Hire talent

… which then unlocks growth, economic progress, and social mobility in the region.

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How we do it

1—Building network effects through education and community

Latitud is building Latin America’s first remote tech entrepreneurship education platform, with equity-free cohort-based fellowship programs supporting each part of the ecosystem and kicking off our flywheel.

As the community scales, value scales exponentially as ideas, talent, and investment opportunities find each other.

VC / LPs

2—Solving key pain points with digital products

While Latin America is entering a golden era for tech, it still lacks basic infrastructure, making it difficult to do what most people in Silicon Valley would take for granted. Latitud products will remove several unnecessary barriers.

We're starting with Latitud Formation, which helps founders set up a venture-backable company structure 5x more affordable and in record time.

3—Making capital more accessible

We believe that the future of pre-seed and seed investing will be led by today’s top founders and we have the mission to decentralize and facilitate angel investing across the region.

Besides raising and investing through its own vehicles, Latitud is empowering new and existing investors with community and bespoke tools.

In numbers

400+ teams
supported by Latitud
total valuation of startups in the community
90+ NPS
from fellows across cohorts


Brian Requarth

CEO and Co-founder

Brian founded and scaled VivaReal as the CEO. He orchestrated a merger with ZAP Imóveis becoming the chairman of the combined company before negotiating the sale to OLX Brasil for $600m. He is a prolific angel investor, author of the book Viva the Entrepreneur and host of the leading podcast about startups and venture capital in Latin America.

Gina Gotthilf

COO and Co-founder

Gina led growth and marketing at Duolingo from 3 to 200 million users as their VP of Growth and Marketing. She was also part of the executive team and all board meetings, helping make key organizational decisions as the company scaled over its first 5 years.

Yuri Danilchenko

CTO and Co-founder

Yuri was the CTO at Escale, helping scale it through a rapid growth period after raising its Series B from top VCs like Kaszek Ventures and GFC. He participated on the board and was responsible for building a diverse tech team of 60+ world class software and data engineers, product managers and designers with over 35% women.

Our Virtues

We keep the glass half full

Especially given we’re remote, it’s easy to misinterpret, get annoyed at others, or forget to acknowledge each other.

In Practice:
We assume good intentions.
We practice #gratitud 🙏🏼.
We keep things light, fun and playful.
We practice non-violent communication to maximize positive outcomes
We think longterm

We all have to make many decisions every day. Short-term wins are often enticing, but we keep our eyes on the long game. We’re transforming an ecosystem!

In Practice:
Everyone who interacts with Latitud should have a great impression and experience
We put founders first across decisions, across teams.
We always ask “why” before executing
We put collective goals above individual ones
We prioritize “win-win” opportunities that help the ecosystem grow as a whole
We care about work-life balance and take care of each other.
We prioritize diversity

Talking about diversity is a first step, but change only happens with measurable goals. This can be reflected in terms of output and/or composition. We believe it’s not just ethical to help remedy diversity issues in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, but it's also business-savvy.

In Practice:
Company and team OKRs include at least one diversity goal
Different points of view are actively and equally encouraged and respected (as long as they’re not harmful)
We go out of our way to find diverse founders and investors
We never bury problems; we solve them
We pay attention to language and help each other check our own biases to keep a balance of representation
We take firm stances on diversity and try to grow instead of sticking our heads in the sand

Speed of execution is crucial to succeeding when time is our biggest limiting factor. GSD = get shit done.

In Practice:
We know momentum begets momentum. It’s hardest going from 0 to 1, so getting something done is more important than getting it right.
No analysis paralysis! Make decisions quickly, correct as we learn.
Always measure and prioritize. That way we know that we’re not just keeping busy but actually moving forward
We consistently deliver on our promises to each other and as an organization
We find opportunities to jump in and make things better
We observe GSD Wednesdays: a day where we try hard NOT to schedule meetings so everyone has deep work time.
We strive for claritud

We go out of our way to OVER-communicate clearly, frequently and vulnerably. Most conflict happens because of misunderstandings, and especially in a fully remote team, it’s tough to keep everyone on the same page.

In Practice:
We share feedback promptly and often – negative or positive, from anyone to anyone
Questioning thoughts and decisions is encouraged
We are direct, but always kind
We never bury problems; we solve them
We argue for clarity, not to win
We're intentional about getting to know each other and checking in
Externally, we strive for transparency and build in public
We DON’T communicate about each other behind backs. If we don’t like something, we communicate it directly. RIP middle school!

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