Build Fellowship

Grow your startup

Join a 6-week program and connect with a community of LatAm founders scaling high-potential world-class tech companies.

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& Mentors

Felipe Manzano

VC at EquitasVC

Mariana Donangelo

Partner at Kaszek

Yuri Danilchenko

Co-founder of Latitud

Gina Gotthilf

Co-founder of Latitud

Brian Requarth

(ex-Viva Real)
Co-founder of Latitud

Felipe Manzano

VC at EquitasVC

Mariana Donangelo

Partner at Kaszek

Yuri Danilchenko

Co-founder of Latitud

Gina Gotthilf

Co-founder of Latitud

Brian Requarth

Co-founder of Latitud
(ex-Viva Real)

A program for teams of founders preparing to scale

The Build program provides ongoing opportunities to exchange knowledge and meet potential customers, partners, investors, and lifelong friends.
Some have found dates, too. But that’s not the point.


  • Live sessions, workshops, and Q&As
  • Individual office hours with mentors
  • Pitch prep and fundraising advice

On Demand

  • Peer-to-peer learning and support
  • Content and resources from previous cohorts
  • Access to +$200k worth in deals

What the community says

More customer stories

Wagner Narde

Co-Founder of Vindi (exited) and LF3 fellow

"Best practices on startups emerge every day. It's great to learn what's changed since I started my previous company 7 years ago."

Bruno Calcagno

Co-Founder of Lavuro and LF5 fellow

“As an equity-free program, it's a win-win, and there are only positive things to gain from it.”

Suzy Ferreira

Co-founder of Dinie and LF1 fellow

"Lots of knowledge-sharing and fantastic intros."

Aldo Del Valle

Founder on Stealth Mode and LF5 fellow

“The content is curated for LatAm’s problems and challenges, and that’s something I think was missing in the entrepreneurship community.”

Mathilde Viola

Co-Founder of and LF4 fellow

"We have had so much progress in just 6 weeks. This program has accelerated me and my team like never before!"

Alicia Vivanco

Co-founder of Life and LF5 fellow

“The community’s 'give-first' attitude is real and it adds so much value.”

Gaston Irigoyen

Co-founder of Pomelo and LF2 fellow

"We feel we've started our startup journey in the right path with Latitud."

Emma Sánchez Smith

Founder of Jefa and LF0 fellow

"Latitud's dedication to our success is unparalleled."

Cassandra Collins

Co-founder of CamuCamu and LF3 fellow

"The program has been what I imagine an MBA for entrepreneurship would be like."

Ana Sofía Guzman

Co-founder of Binibi and LF3 fellow

"We get a front-row seat to the momentum and excitement in the LatAm ecosystem, and access to the people making it happen"


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What you'll learn

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    Master the VC game, work on your strategy to raise from top firms, learn how to build a relationship with your investors and manage your board

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    From organic marketing tactics to retention and product optimization, understand how to prioritize and scale channels, and expand your total addressable market

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    Dive into your users' needs, implement processes for iteration and ship innovative solutions fast and often

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    Learn more about hiring, automation, standardization, planning and measuring to keep productivity up as you scale

Who is it for?

Apply if
You are the founder of a tech company in LatAm in the growth stage.
Your company is about to:
— Raise a late seed (+$2.5M) or a series A round
— Scale to new markets or countries
— Launch a new product
— Scale operations and team
You have previous early startup experience, a product or growth background, strong technical knowledge, and/or deep industry expertise that you can use to contribute to the community.
Reconsider if
You are a founder but your company hasn't reached product-market fit or isn't ready to scale yet. In this case, giving it some time or applying to join the Explore Fellowship might be a better path.
You are expecting quick infallible hacks to success. We don’t believe in those.
You are not willing to put in at least a couple of hours per week. In this program, you get what you give!
You’re kinda mean. That’s no good.
Not a fit? Check out these other programs:

This fee allows Latitud to be sustainable and scale its impact.

It covers:

Participation in one cohort with hours of live sessions and tons of relevant connections.
Deals to help you save serious money ($200K+) on all the tools you’ll need to build a startup, including AWS, Hubspot, Silicon Valley Bank, Carta, Stripe, Notion, legal fees and more.
Membership as part of the Latitud community, including access to content, resources, and the Slack Workspace.

Scholarships available on a need-basis and for underrepresented groups

One-time admission fee

USD $999

for teams of up to 3 co-founders.

This program is equity-free