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Find your wave

Find your wave

Tips from Endeavor’s Allen Taylor, the big cousin of the fam. Becoming an angel investor might be your wave. Join the next LA in September!
Regina Pernaz
Content Specialist
August 11, 2022

Remember when you were 25?

I know, what a hot mess, right?! But you also had A LOT of things figured out.

You had already started projects, realized they were DOOMED, and even made peace with the fact that you chose the wrong career path (Philosophy? Really?)

Now your cousins COME TO YOU for bits of advice! No, Timmy, stocks don't only go up.

Similarly, if anyone knows about market trends, generational changes, and lifecycles, that’s Endeavor, the big cousin of the fam — the one that you’re not sure if it’s still a millennial.


After 25 years of helping entrepreneurs build and flourish ecosystems in their regions, this community can point out both previous patterns and the latest tendencies, guiding the path toward the sea.

That's all fine and dandy, Randy. But where should YOU go?

For Allen Taylor, a managing partner at Endeavor Catalyst, if you wanna know which direction to open your sails, first you gotta understand which wave is coming at you.

🌊 The first wave
Considers technology solutions made for consumers and commerce, and digital infrastructure for payment and logistics.
Mercado Libre is a classic first-wave example.

🌊 The second wave
Hits the biggest parts of the economy, like financial services, healthcare, education, agriculture, and transportation.
All of them, becoming digitized through disruptive technological solutions. Think of Nubank.

🌊 The third wave
Is focused on all the small and medium businesses that are still working offline, solving their problems with pencil, paper, and Excel.
Contabilizei, Conta Azul, or Omie in Brazil are some examples of this.

The opportunities are there, kiddo. You just gotta know where to look, learn to read the trends and ride the waves.

Need help with that? Check our chat with Allen Taylor and:

Discover how startups win in emerging markets
Or get more insights on this podcast episode

Talking about great tips from our podcast 😎

We’re putting into action another one of Allen’s philosophies: “paying it forward” aka helping those who come after you to have an easier, less bumpy ride.

That’s what communities, like Latitud, are for.

If you start and scale a business, exit it, and start another one later, we know you’re full of GOOD SH*T and we all wanna be your friends — DM us, please.

Later in your path, you might have the chance to become an angel investor or start a venture fund. In this scenario, you’ll be giving back to the community that helped you succeed. You’ll be helping LatAm thrive. 👐

Is there something better than that?

WELL, YES: to do it on OUR Latitud Angel Fellowship, of course.

Angels are coming for you 👼


The 2nd cohort of Latitud Angel Fellowship started this week!

We won’t lie, we are THRILLED to have so many inspiring high-caliber investors ready to build LatAm's future together!

Couldn’t join on time?

Do not worry. The next application starts on September 20th.

Don’t miss it (again) and

Apply to our waiting list

What else happens in September? 😉

The Vamos Latam Summit, of course!

Our IRL event is made for startup founders, investors, and ecosystem builders from all over Latin America.

If you want to see our pretty faces in São Paulo, pre-register now and save your spot!

Pre-register to VLS

And get notified when ticket sale is open

Hot News Ahoy! ⛵

🌱 Kontempo’s tempo is now

Latitud fellows Matthew Meehan, Antonia Marino, and co-founder Kwesi Steele raised a US$ 30 million seed round led by Portage. Congratulations, team

🚀 Do you have the Ganas to do it?
Early stage investor Lolita Taub just launched the second program of her fund Ganas Ventures, which will invest in pre-seed and seed Web 2 and Web 3 community-driven startups in the US and Latin America. Go check her out!

🛍️ Miferia for retailers
Miferia, the Mexico-based B2B wholesale marketplace from our fellow Tariq Musa, raised a US$ 7 million seed round to digitalize inventory procurement.

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