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I saw the future. You're not thereI saw the future. You're not thereI saw the future. You're not there
I saw the future. You're not there

I saw the future. You're not there

YET. Start building your long-term vision today with these words of wisdom from Mercado Libre and Amazon leaders.
Regina Pernaz
Content Specialist
August 4, 2022

The only way to predict the future is to build it

What do the former leaders of Mercado Libre and Amazon Stelleo Tolda and Alex Szapiro have in common? Besides being the rulers of the e-commerce growth in LatAm over the last 2 decades, of course.

They both love effective processes that sustain a long-term vision 🤜🤛


From the early days of Mercado Libre –that’s 1999, youngsters– Stelleo Tolda knew they had to build something that would last. Twenty years later, he can confidently say it was all about building the blocks brick by brick.

First, you gotta prove the model

How do you convince customers and investors that your idea works? For Mercado Libre, this meant explaining to business owners how they could receive money over something called the internet. Say whaaat?

Then, you start monetizing

You know your model works and already have people on board.

Now it’s time to build a sustainable way of charging for that thang.

Next challenge: growth

How can you attract more buyers, or sellers, and generate more transactions?

How can you improve the customer experience?

💡 Every block got them one step further up. They began by building the structure and, only then, thinking about money and accelerating growth.

But how on earth do you get through the simplest of blocks?

Because yes, jumping up blocks sounds AWESOME, but what if you can't get past your Monday meeting? Especially if you need to move FAST?


For Alex Szapiro, it’s all about building processes to leverage people's ideas and ability to follow through with them.

We all want to monetize, grow the biz, and add achievements to our LinkedIn profiles. We are all full of good intentions, says Alex–an optimistic fellow.

But let’s face it, people are busy, and once we leave a meeting, bye-bye hot ideas.

How do we solve this? Enter: the Amazon 6-pager.

💡 TL;DR: make every meeting a reading meeting with a doc that’s up to six pages.

Here’s what you can write down BEFORE you even think of checking your calendar:

  • Describe the problem you are trying to solve in the simplest way possible.
  • Make it a team doc and allow every member to edit it, so everybody is in sync.
  • Add data to support your ideas.
  • Build a FAQ section and answer it.

To build a process for meetings is to have more effective execution in the long run.

This way, you spend 30 minutes making impactful decisions for the next 30 weeks. How are you going to be alive a decade from now, otherwise?

Liked what you read? 😎 There’s plenty more where that came from!

Check Stelleo and Alex’s episodes on the Latitud podcast and discover how to:

Polish an opportunity like Mercado Libre
Build a rockstar process like Amazon

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Hot news ahoy! ⛵

Cargo for Mexico 🗳️

After raising a US$1.1 million seed round last May, Cargo Produce, a management system platform for import and export, will expand its business to Mexico.

Hitch: specialist in HR 🤝

The Mexican HRTech Hitch, which uses artificial intelligence for recruitment, raised US$1.5 million in a pre-seed round. The funds will be used for technology and product development.

Your Treggo is here 📱

Last-mile delivery Treggo got an extra US$1.7 million in funding. This gives the Argentina-based startup a total of US$2.8 million in funding that’ll be used to target Mexico and pave the road for future expansion.

Mudafy moves 👊

Mudafy, the tech-enabled real estate broker, has raised US$10 million in a Series A round of funding. With this new capital, they intend to generate US$500 million in annualized sales by year’s end.

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