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It's not about the moneyIt's not about the moneyIt's not about the money
It's not about the money

It's not about the money

it's how you manage it. Learn financial best practices and register to upcoming events for our community.
Regina Pernaz
Content Specialist
March 30, 2023

Q1 is about to end, and we'll always remember March of 2023 as the month that forced us to navigate financial challenges in the most stressful and exhausting way possible.

Like, honestly, how many of you took extra yoga classes, nature walks, or hit the gym like crazy this month, after all was said and done? 🙋

Moral of the story? Founders shouldn't f*ck around when it comes to their company's money.

Financial decisions can quite literally make you or break you, so you need to embed good financial practices into your routine NOW.

If you don't know where to start, we are here to help – nobody needs one more thing to stress about these days 🫠.

Today, March 30th, we'll tackle the do's and don'ts of managing your startup's finances in another Latitud Nights session, at 6 PM BRT.

Register & learn top financial practices

This time, we'll be joined by Juan Manuel Barrero, co-founder & CEO of Lazo, and Thomas Baldwin, experienced investor, operator, and growth advisor.

See you there – get your Finance Google Sheets ready ✍️.

The perks of being a community

Last week we were everywhere 🏃.

We were part of Bossa Summit in São Paulo and hosted an AWESOME Latitud Launchpad in CDMX for our fellows in Mexico.

There were fofoca and chisme, caipirinha and tequila, and many many many deals. But most importantly, our community and the Latitud team lit up the rooms 💙.

Team Palomitas
Team Pipoca

At Launchpad, between new connections and reunions, our co-founder Gina Gotthilf shared her impressions on the world's current financial situation, LatAm entrepreneurs, and the resilience of our community.

Read this with Gina's voice:

#1 It's true, times are tough right now

There's less VC money going around. We are in a bear market. A bank just collapsed.

But tough times are amazing times to build things from scratch. In fact, some of the best inventions came out of necessity during times that were really tough.

#2 Latin Americans are incredibly scrappy

We have to make sh*t work.

We're almost expecting the next thing to go wrong – and that's one of our biggest superpowers.

#3 In the Latitud community, we help each other out

When things blow up and no one knows what to do, it's incredible to have hundreds of people by your side offering words of encouragement, contact, and information that might help you get to the next step a lot more quickly.

👉 SVB's fallout wasn't in our plans. But catching up with fellow founders virtually and IRL to talk about both our successes and struggles is always on our list. That way, we're always quick on our feet.

🇧🇷 Galera: YC?

Two Brazilian fellows will be sharing bits of advice on how to apply and get into Y Combinator as a startup from Brazil.

Yes, YC. We know! 👀

For many of us, Y Combinator serves as a signal to the world that we are building something cool. But yeah, applications are HARD: to get in, you have to stand out.

So if you're a Brazilian founder planning to apply for the Summer 2023 batch, join this event on April 4th and learn how to master your application. 💪

Register here!


Engineers in the room!

We have yet another Tech Talk for you 🤩

This time, André Penha, Co-founder & CTO of QuintoAndar, will walk us through his experience of going from an engineer to one of the most successful founders of Brazil's startup ecosystem.

Join us on April 10th, whether you're a fabulous entrepreneur, a tech founder, both, or just interested in the journey of successful startups.

Register for Tech Talks!


Did you notice? We're doing these talks quite often now, so keep an eye on our CTO Yuri Danilchenko's influencer posts to not miss a thing!

Hot News Ahoy! ⛵

(Hot for April)

💳 Green light for Pomelo

Pomelo has received authorization from the Brazilian Central Bank to operate as a payment institution (IP), in the modalities of electronic money issuer and issuer of postpaid payment instruments.

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