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Meridian by LatitudMeridian by LatitudMeridian by Latitud
Meridian by Latitud

Meridian by Latitud

is soon to dock. Find out what we've been building and how it can help LatAm founders strengthen their sails.
Regina Pernaz
Content Specialist
March 16, 2023

The past few days have been THE MOST stressful of 2023 for many of us. And it's only March.

Who would have said that after the last edition of our newsletter, a week ago, things would go so freaking WILD.

  • Thursday: WTF is going on?
  • Friday: WTF just happened?
  • Weekend: WTF do we do!
  • Monday: Ok, all good. So… Isn't this, like, the best time to announce what we've been developing for months?
  • Wednesday:
Hi, this is Meridian by Latitud

✍️ The facts: Silicon Valley Bank was a crucial financial partner for the Latin American startup ecosystem, as they filled major gaps in the region, especially for Cayman holding companies.

As founders and investors kept searching for the best place to move their capital, we realized that the product we'd been working on could be the solution needed in these stressful rough muddy waters.

So we set sail amid the storm, for good sailors were never made on calm seas.

Yesterday, we introduced Meridian by Latitud, a business account with foreign exchange (FX) that allows founders to manage their early-stage startup’s runway, move capital across borders, and keep a compliant flow of funds.

Is Meridian for me?

Well, are you made of LatAm spices and a global taste? If yes, then we might be. 😎

Meridian is built for venture-backed startups in Latin America with an offshore holding company structure — specifically a Cayman Sandwich or a Delaware Tostada.

While at the moment we’re focused on founders in Brazil, our next stops are Mexico and Colombia – because they do have spicy founders there. 🔥

If you're interested in our product, get early access to our beta and be the first to know when the onboarding starts.

Join Meridian waitlist

You can also watch our pre-launch event – yep, the one you were suddenly invited to 2 days ago – or listen Brian Requarth and Patrick Kolencherry especial podcast episode discussing Meridian and discover how we can help you reach a safer harbor before joining.

In case you already signed up because you are always ahead of everybody and slaying the ecosystem – *snap* –, go and brag about this thing you & us have on social media. 😉

Disclaimer: Latitud is not a bank. We’re a platform with fintech (financial technology) solutions. Banking, brokerage, FX, and other regulated activities are provided by our licensed partners in the United States and Brazil.

Hot News Ahoy!

We, Frida. We are the hot news 💁

👉 Latitud lança fintech para startups brasileiras na esteira do VC -

👉 Após fim do SVB, Latitud lança conta empresarial para startups brasileiras - Exame

👉 Latitud lança fintech e oferecerá conta internacional para startup - PEGN/

Latitud SVB resource center

The weekend was crazy for us, but given we have THE BEST community of startup founders and investors, we are lucky to have access to so many trusted contacts, resources, and advice as a group.

So we've created a space to centralize all of it and make information accessible to everyone.

Here you'll find useful resources curated by the Latitud Team and our community.

If you, dear subscriber, have reliable information that is of value to founders, please do not hesitate to send it our way. We'll keep crowdsourcing and surfacing the best resources as they become available.

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Stay tuned

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