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Risk is fineRisk is fineRisk is fine
Risk is fine

Risk is fine

And this is the best time to take risks in LatAm. Check what Dileep Thazhmon and Andres Bilbao think about facing challenges from day 0.
Regina Pernaz
Content Specialist
September 8, 2022

Hey there, early-stage founder getting stressed with both everything and nothing! 🔥

In case you are in the dark zone today, Dileep Thazhmon has something to say. He's a second-time founder and his current shot is Jeeves, a fintech unicorn that 4x its valuation in half a year. And he would like you to keep this in mind:

"It’s never as good as it looks from the outside and never as bad as you think it is on the inside. The truth is somewhere in between."

*Takes a moment to absorb it*

Starting a business means challenges, learning, and crying yourself to sleep. But honestly, it's worth it. Because these are the best times to build a startup in Latin America. Here's why.

💡 The region has had an accelerated growth rate due to incoming capital, second-time savvy entrepreneurs, and third-generation founders that have a THIS-IS-FINE mindset because apparently risk is all they’ve experienced in life.


Dileep is all about that mindset. That's because getting comfortable with taking risks is mandatory to get to the next level.

Take, for instance, our friends from Rappi. Not a week goes by without a former Rappi funding a new company. What the heck is going on there?!

According to Andres Bilbao, part of Rappi's founding team, that happens because everybody is asked to face impossible tasks, complex problems, and do miracles every day in a systematic way.

And if they don’t know what the f*ck to do?

“Algo nos inventamos”, says Andres. “Fake it ‘till you make it”, says Rihanna 💃

By facing intimidating situations and overcoming them, this third generation of founders has managed to build resilience, be ambitious, and gain a new sense of their almighty selves. Maybe that’s how Paola Neira recently got US$ 6.7M in her pre-seed round with latú Seguros – yes, she’s an ex-Rappi.

So, if you feel like you’re burning in the flames, know that there is a way out. Look for it. This is fine (or it will be) 🔥🧯

💡 Dileep Thazhmon and Andres Bilbao will share the panel “Thinking big from day 0” next September 21st at Vamos Latam Summit. If you want to grab some insights about their challenges, learnings, and culture building in LatAm, grab your tickets before they’re gone!

Get one of the 85 tickets left!

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Hot News Ahoy! ⛵

🩺 Cuéntame and I will help you

Cuéntame, a mental health Mexican startup, has closed a US$ 1.1M pre-seed roundled by Impacta VC and other participants. With this capital, the startup will consolidate its presence in Mexico, Colombia, and Chile.

⚖️ Qanlex case's closed

Qanlex, an Argentinian legal tech startup, closed a US$ 3M seed round led by Carao Ventures, The LegalTech fund, Preface Ventures, FJ Labs, and J Ventures. With this, the startup plans to prevent a lack of access to justice due to a lack of capital.

🛍️ R2 for the small businesses

R2, a startup that provides credit to small businesses, closed a US$ 15M Series A round led by Gradient Ventures, Google’s AI-focused venture fund. In the last 12 months, R2 has financed over 3,000 small businesses and grew its monthly revenue by 23X.

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