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On your couch. Connect to VLS’s Startup Spotlight and discover LatAm founders who are transforming the game.
Regina Pernaz
Content Specialist
September 15, 2022

When asked about investment decisions, Izabel Gallera, partner at Canary, said they knew how to leverage, in-depth, the data gathered from all the teams they talked to.

And not business data, but people data.

Information on who was part of the teams, and what were their ambitions, backgrounds, and skills. Qualitative data to find the founder-market fit, to make better investment decisions.

Now, why are we telling you this Rebeca?

🚨 Is it because you had a massive opportunity to give and gather qualitative data from the ecosystem at Vamos Latam Summit and you missed your shot since tickets are sold out, even when we’ve been spamming you for 3 weeks???

No, it’s not that. (4)

It’s because whether you’re an angel, founder, or startup operator, you also look for some qualitative data to make well-invested decisions in any possible way.

👉 Think of Pomelo, a fintech that raised US$ 9M in their seed round and another US$ 35M in their Series A. When founders Gaston Irigoyen, Hernan Corral, and Juan Fantoni announced they were teaming up, tech engineers didn’t think twice before reaching out.

Pomelo received 200 CVs and hired 15 of them before even letting everyone know the company’s idea or name – true story.

Those engineers didn’t have business data, and there wasn’t any product yet, but they had people data: they knew the founders, their ambitions, and their backgrounds. And that was worth the shot.

Pst, Latitud Ventures invested in Pomelo on a similar note, but that’s a tale for another Newsletter 😉

💡 TL;DR: gather your people's data to make better decisions. How? By connecting to the LatAm startup community on September 21st.

While we can’t open more slots for VLS – because we’re cool but not almighty – we will be live-streaming Startup Spotlight for all the people out there that couldn’t catch a sit.

RSVP for the non-IRL event and check the presentations of the LatAm startups you should keep an eye on through Stonks — just so you know, Pomelo’s founders will be there too.

Register FREE for Startup Spotlight!

And hey, this ain’t just to listen.

You’ll be able to ask for direct introductions from founders that are transforming Latin America.

Get an online glimpse of this first VLS edition – because, spoiler alert, we will have a second one – and keep track of the progress of the amazing founders of Awari, BHub, Dinie, Floki, Latú Seguros, Sproutfi, and Pomelo.


Hot News Ahoy! ⛵

📚 From Peru to Mexico

Peruvian education startup uDocz raised a US$2 million seed round led by GSV Ventures and Salkantay VC fund to expand to Mexico. This is GSV’s first investment in Latin America.

💸 Ubii’s financial inclusion

Venezuelan fintech Ubii closed its first investment round at US$4.5M. With Ubii’s app, Venezuelans can make local payments, and migrants can send money to their relatives in the country.

🛍️ Alima is scaling

Alima, a Mexican supply chain startup raised a US$1.5 million seed round to scale its operations and develop data-driven tools for businesses to source produce.

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Stay tuned

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