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Were you invited?Were you invited?Were you invited?
Were you invited?

Were you invited?

OMFG, you were not? Maybe this is why. Get your hand sanitizer ready: Vamos Latam Summit is here!
Regina Pernaz
Content Specialist
August 25, 2022

If you’ve been following our latest social media posts — shame on you if you haven’t — you know what’s hot this week: Vamos Latam Summit tickets are available.

Now, the BIG question: should you get your tickets with our Early Bird discount?

Mmm, honestly? I’m not sure, Greg.


I mean, do we want you to come? YES!

A 25% discount sounds great? Of course it does! Duh.

Furthermore, VLS it’s an excellent opportunity to connect with EVERYBODY who's anybody in the ecosystem: tech founders, angel investors, Latitud fellows, cool VC people from the block, you name it.

NOTHING beats real-life interaction — the kind where you can ACTUALLY read another person’s non-verbal language — and even more so when surrounded by amazing people.

So, why do we want you to think twice before buying?  

Because the community we are building is here for the long run.


We’re not saying that you need to have everything figured out. We know the journey is long and the first steps are the hardest.

However, you DO need to feel passionate about your vision and have ZERO doubts about building something bigger than yourself.

🚀 Vamos Latam Summit is the place to re-connect with our strong LatAm community, get some deals going, and shake the hands of people who have helped us along the way and can help us in the future — shaking hands is optional btw.

You are most welcome to come.

But if you are in this only for the money, maybe you’d be better off watching House of the Dragon at home. Just saying.

Is your mind set on it? Then, use the discount code EarlyBird25 to buy your tickets — we have limited spots left.

Get my tickets with 25% off

Opportunities in LatAm waving at you 👋

Ok, soon-to-be-founder. You’ve done your balance and decided that this is the career path for you. Nobody can change your mind!

Awesome! You are ON 👏 FI 👏 RE 👏.

So, which market are you targeting again? Which products or services? (1)

In case you’re on an opportunity hunt, you might be interested in this block idea by Bianca Sassoon from 17Sigma.

💡 Simply put, the VC firm’s thesis is based on startups that are building blocks for Latin America, aka essential infrastructure to develop other companies in the region.


Because there are still fundamental things that have to be disrupted and created in the region. So keep in mind that “nice-to-have” products or services might not be so nice to have right now.

Check out examples of these building blocks and Bianca's take on the types of founders and investments there were in 2021 vs. 2022. It might give you an idea or two.

Hot News Ahoy! ⛵

🚀 Fudo’s cooking something

The Argentina-based company has raised US$ 7.5M in seed funding, attracting big names in the process. With this new capital, Fudo will accelerate its expansion in Mexico and launch its Brazilian operation. Awesome, team!

🛍️ Pomelo to the conquest

Pomelo received a new US$15M investment, extending its “Series A” round to a total of US$ 50M. This new funding will help them expand to Peru and Colombia, as well as expand their products in Argentina, Mexico, and Brazil.

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Stay tuned

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