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Your deck looks prettyYour deck looks prettyYour deck looks pretty
Your deck looks pretty

Your deck looks pretty

... bad. Know how to pitch in a VC-friendly way, and join us and VCs on our Demo Day on November 14th!
Regina Pernaz
Content Specialist
November 10, 2022

VCs aren't reading your slides

They are reading your signals. And we DO mean vital signals because, as you may know, almost all startups die.
(If you didn't know: sorry not sorry for the bad news).

Venture capitalists are aware of this.

So they are checking your pulse rate while pitching, the life expectancy of the problem you're addressing, and the dietary habits of your team.

And trust us, most of them have made up their mind about you by the end of your 4th slide.

Is your pulse okay, Sofia?

Despite how healthy a startup may be right now, there's one true thing: most founders fail to give the right signals when pitching. So even if you're in the best condition of your life, VCs might not be getting that from your deck.

We ain't psychics here! (But Brian is a TikToker now.)

So how about you make it easy for VCs to give an accurate diagnosis?

Marcial González Fraga, VC at Latitud, shared these 3 steps to better structure your pitch story with our founders from the Explore Fellowship – 🍒 to which, btw, you can STILL apply here in the next 48h 🍒

Step 1: Is this a problem worth solving?

VCs will examine whether they are connecting and empathizing with the problem that you are addressing.

Are you talking enough about it or it's just half a slide?

Watch out, Pedro! We know you are in love with the solution you've come up with. But understanding the reach of the problem first is a MUST for a VC to give you that money.

Step 2: Can this problem be a fund returner?

All the problem analysis has another goal: to find a fund returner. A single deal whose exit proceeds return the entire fund and compensate the not-so-good bets.

VCs might feel passionate about the problem, but is the market big enough/will it grow? Are there any good indicators that show that solving this problem could generate a fund returner?

Step 3: Are you and your startup the right ones?

VCs need to validate that YOU are the best option for solving the problem and have the tools to succeed in it.

So, besides the vibe check, other signals they may look at while checking your founding team and your startup are:

  • Who else is on the team?
  • Is there solid traction?
  • How's the roadmap looking?

Investors are looking for juicy potential unicorns, built by founders who have what it takes to build a million-dollar company.

Latitud may be many things, but a downplayer is not one of them: our Portfolio Companies are filled with freaking awesome Latin geniuses who slay their pitches and their signals. And we are gonna prove that on our next Demo Day – not that we need to prove it but anyways.

Join Latitud Ventures, our top-tier early-stage fund, on November 14th, in an exclusive online event for investors in our network. Get to assess the hot deals before anyone else – because that's how cool you are.

Get in touch to participate on our Demo Day!

But don't call us, we will call you 😎

Btw, you do know that Angel Investors from our Fellowship have their seats already saved for this, right?

We love investors from far, far away, but the investors from our community come first. So if you want to avoid missing out on more things, apply to the Angel Fellowship and get guaranteed access to chat with our fellow founders and evaluate deals with our PortCos.

Be part of the Angel Fellowship

Our Fellows Ask

As CEOs, it's really hard to not get overwhelmed by having to think about the future and the present at the same time. What advice would you share on how to build the future of our company while delivering in the present?

Always have someone from the outside that has a strategic involvement with the business but is not operating. This facilitates discussions about the strategic parts: they have visibility on what you want to accomplish as a company but they are not involved in the operations, so they are not biased.

Last chance to be part of our Explore Fellowship gente! Applications for the next cohort close in 48h! Run to apply until this Friday and, who knows, you might be pitching on our next Demo Day?

Apply to the Explore Fellowship

⛵ Hot News Ahoy!

Healthier with Liti

Brazilian healthtech Liti raised a US$ 4M Seed round to continue supporting people in the process of losing weight and improving their metabolic health. The investors include us and a lot of cool kids from the block.

Pomelo in the top

The Information, one of the top investor media outlets in Silicon Valley, selected Pomelo as one of this year's 50 most promising startups. The Argentinian fintech, which provides card and payment infrastructure for Latin America, was the only company from the region in the ranking.

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