September 27, 2022

#111 – Non-obvious advice to startup founders and LatAm's upper hand: Pete Flint, NFX, at Vamos Latam Summit

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We've talked with Pete Flint before. He's a brit deeply immersed in Silicon Valley startup culture and someone who has ushered in two unicorn companies – one of which, Trulia, was the inspiration behind my business, Viva Real. He's now helping entrepreneurs leverage connections, experience, and capital as a partner at the venture firm NFX.

Focused on seed funding, NFX has been investing in Latin America for quite some time. But Pete has taken the relationship with the region to the next level. He joined us at our first Vamos Latam Summit, our connections and knowledge flagship event.

We'll share right now the chat we had at VLS. Pete and I talked about:

  • NFX's thesis and why it has a growing interest in Latin American startups;
  • What non-obvious pieces of advice Pete would give to early-stage startup founders on fundraising and hiring;
  • And how can founders scale their roles as they exit their businesses the right way.
Brian Requarth

Co-founder of Latitud

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