September 30, 2022

#112 – Lessons from the Brazilian who co-founded Instagram: Mike Krieger at Vamos Latam Summit

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Not many people know or believe that Instagram has a Brazilian as a co-founder. Mike Krieger was not only that – he was also the sole developer for Instagram during its early stages.

Between the ideation of a mobile check-in app called Burbn and Instagram becoming one of the most heavily used apps of our days, there's a lot to be shared.

At Vamos Latam Summit, our connections and knowledge flagship event, Mike recounted his journey with Gina Gotthilf – who co-founded Latitud with me and Yuri, and is also a former VP of Growth at the education app Duolingo.

Gina and Mike talked about:

  • The main lessons Mike learned during his journey as Instagram's co-founder;
  • How to maintain a good relationship between cofounders and deal with the expansion of your startup to other countries;
  • What growth levers helped Instagram pick up in its early days, and how to not lose sight of product and people when developing new technologies.
Brian Requarth

Co-founder of Latitud

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