December 14, 2022

#125 - Building a better future for the 99%: Ryan Bloomer, K50

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Ryan Bloomer founded the venture capital firm K50 six years ago, after building two companies, an accelerator, a venture studio, and a founder community. With K50, Ryan had an ambitious goal in mind: betting on startups building a better future for the 99% in the US and in Latin America.

Since then, K50 has invested in no less than 180 startups, with pre-Seed and Seed rounds in sectors such as finance, healthcare, and future of work. Fintual, Frubana, Osana, and Tul are some examples of K50's thesis in action.

Today, Ryan and I talk about:

  • His trajectory up to K50 Ventures, and on what startups and founders the firm bets inside the early-stage space;
  • Why Ryan started a founder community back in 2008, how it followed a decentralized support model, and the thesis of investing in diverse geographies;
  • Ryan's vision on valuations for early-stage startups, the drive for solving huge problems and creating a legacy, and the one investment that exemplifies K50's thesis.
Brian Requarth

Co-founder of Latitud

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