January 28, 2021

#14 - Building and scaling tech companies: Yuri Danilchenko, co-founder of Latitud

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Yuri Danilchenko grew up in Russia during one of the most defining moments in history. He's had a knack for tech and entrepreneurship since before he noticed it, having sold cell phones for pocket money when he was only 13, and fixing his friends' computers even though he didn't own one. Then, after living in the US and getting his masters in AI, he moved to Brazil and worked at several startups.

He liked the challenges of startup life so much he ended up co-founding a business himself, called Vemos. But they eventually had to move on, and Yuri joined Kaszek-backed Escale as CTO, bringing in dozens of new engineers to the team and scaling product development through series C.

In this episode, he shares:

  • Some of the early-stage pitfalls he fell into
  • How to attract and select tech talent when you don't have a tech brand
  • How to factor in diversity during your hiring process
  • And what kind of culture you need to build a tech and product company
Gabriela Levy

Head of Marketing at Latitud

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