April 26, 2023

#140 – From an epic fail to a unicorn: Fabien Mendez, Loggi

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Fabien Mendez grew up in France but discovered his entrepreneurial vein in Latin America. That calling led to one of Brazil's biggest startups.

Loggi became a unicorn back in 2019. Now, it moves 300 thousand packages every day across the country. But these numbers don't tell how hard the journey has been, from convincing early investors to adapting to regulations and new business models.

In this episode, Fabien and I talk about:

  • His first startup, and how that "epic fail" later helped in his fundraising for Loggi;
  • How Loggi went from an asset-light first phase to an asset-intensive second phase, and what Loggi's third phase looks like;
  • Fabien's most humbling experience, and what he's learned from the difficult transition from CEO to chairman.
Brian Requarth

Co-founder of Latitud

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