May 3, 2023

#141 – Creating and scaling a deep tech startup in Latin America: Leonardo Vieira, Tractian

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Tractian is part of a small LatAm startup club that focuses on hardware and software. This was a decision that Gabriel Lameirinhas, Igor Marinelli, and Leonardo Vieira took early on. And it was a necessary step to solve a massive global problem: making factories more efficient.

The hard work has paid off, and Tractian now supports hundreds of clients and monitors thousands of machines in Brazil and Mexico. There's much to learn about identifying pains and winning over clients, even when you're facing a difficult environment.

In this episode, Leonardo and I talk about:

- Tractian's early days, from discovering the problem to nailing the customer acquisition strategy;

- How the startup went beyond Brazilian borders and conquered sales in Mexico;

- Leonardo's advice on fundraising in a tough market and building a deep tech startup in Latin America.

Brian Requarth

Co-founder of Latitud

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