May 16, 2023

#143 – Lessons from fundraising in public: Brian York, Cubbo

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Born in Colombia but raised in the US, Brian York went back to Latin America a few years ago. He not only discovered his roots but also a mission -- driving value to the Colombian startup ecosystem, and generating economic and social progress with that.

Brian's now a co-founder and the CEO of Cubbo, a startup that provides logistics to e-commerce players. He's also sharing everything he has learned and is still learning about tech entrepreneurship through social media, in the spirit of building in public.

In this episode, Brian York and I talk about:

- His personal story and the challenges he went through on his own startups;

- Why and how Brian started building in public through TikTok;

- His advice on fundraising, from how to build a relationship with investors to the perfect valuation of a pre-Seed startup.

Brian Requarth

Co-founder of Latitud

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