June 13, 2023

#147 – How to master M&As and media as a startup founder: Luis Lora, Globo Ventures

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Luis Lora has been in the media and tech scene for a long time – from writing a check into Napster and negotiating deals for iTunes to dealing with M&As, private equity, and venture capital deals in Latin America.

Now, Luis is a managing partner at Globo Ventures. The investment firm writes checks for venture capital funds and startup founders transforming the Brazilian market. It also leverages the assets and know-how of Grupo Globo, the biggest media conglomerate in the country.

In this episode, Luis and I talk about:

  • Luis' trajectory in tech and media, ranging from investment banking and corporate development to M&A and venture capital;
  • The key components for founders to extract the most value out of the sale or merger, how M&As compare to IPOs, and the future of M&As;
  • Globo Ventures' thesis and value proposition, and how founders can use media in an efficient way.

Brian Requarth

Co-founder of Latitud

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