February 2, 2021

#15 - Viva the Entrepreneur: Linda Rottenberg, Endeavor

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This episode is not about that, though, and even less so about him. Yes, sure, our guest today wrote the foreword -- but above all, she's a huge inspiration to me and thousands of other founders around the world.

That's because Linda Rottenberg co-founded Endeavor and has led the global entrepreneurship movement since 1997. Back then, people would call her Chica Loca — or “the Crazy Girl”. Why crazy? Linda insisted that high-growth, high-impact entrepreneurs exist outside of Silicon Valley; almost no one believed her.

Now with offices in 40 locations, Endeavor rigorously selects, scales up, and co-invests in the fastest growing founders in emerging and underserved markets. There are currently 2,500 Endeavor Entrepreneurs (Brian's one of them!).

Endeavor shows how essencial it is for every founder to count on a network of people who are a few steps ahead in the game and then give back. And it proved it works.

In this episode, Linda talks about:

  • The key to building great connections and communities
  • What makes people help other people
  • The importance of solving local problems
  • And the stories that turned crazy into global thought leader.
Gabriela Levy

Head of Marketing at Latitud

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