February 11, 2021

#16 - Make it or break it: Marcelo Abritta, Buser

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When Marcelo Abritta pitched Buser to a VC for the first time, he didn't have a lot of leverage. His operation was quickly blocked by authorities and incumbents. He wasn't yet working full time on the business. And the cherry on top: he had a six-figure debt from a recently failed company.

He did, however, receive a great investment offer from a top-tier fund that same day.

Everyone knew from the start that that would be a "make it or break it" type of deal — and it still is. In fact, Marcelo likes to make that clear even to potential hires. But with high risks come high returns.

In this episode, you'll find out:

  • How that first pitch went down.
  • The behind the scenes of their whole fundraising process.
  • How they stay scrappy and lean.
  • And the challenges and measures you take when you're this heavy on uncertainty.
Gabriela Levy

Head of Marketing at Latitud

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