February 25, 2021

#18 - Hidden opportunities and the early bet on Facebook: Kevin Efrusy, Accel

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Kevin Efrusy is low-key. You won't find a lot of interviews with him, and that's by design. One of his reasons is that he believes entrepreneurs should be the ones taking all the credit, and that's a testament to what an outstanding investor he is.

But truth be told: Kevin has done a lot for many founders, Brian included, both as an angel and as a partner at Accel, a top-tier global VC firm, which he joined in 2003. He has incredible experience as an operator, having worked with Elon Musk in his first company, in the late 90s, and then moving on to founding a couple of really successful startups.

Kevin was also an early investor in Facebook, when no one wanted that deal, and a lead investor in pioneering companies such as Groupon, Couchbase, and Despegar.

Because of his special connection with Latin America, which he'll explain in the episode, Kevin leads Accel’s initiatives in the region. It also got him involved with the creation of LALA, an amazing world-class leadership academy that finds, connects, and develops Latin America's most promising young leaders.

This is a fun – and rare! – chat that covers tons of lessons and untold anecdotes, so stick around to hear about:

  • The early days of his journey as an entrepreneur and how that shaped him as an investor.
  • The story behind the early investment in Facebook.
  • And his advice on building and managing boards.
Gabriela Levy

Head of Marketing at Latitud

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