March 4, 2021

#19 - The trials and triumphs of a solo founder: Courtney McColgan, Runa

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As the CMO of Cabify, Courtney McColgan led the company's market expansion from series A through series D, across 120 cities. She had roughly 350 people that reported to her. And every month, without exception, she received complaints from team members about issues with their paycheck.

Motivated by solving a familiar challenge, Courtney founded Runa, a startup that automates payroll for businesses in Latin America.

By then, from the time she spent at Cabify, she knew a thing or two about building a unicorn in the region. So she was ready to build her own.

That, of course, came with a lot of challenges she wasn't so familiar with. In this episode, she shares some of the main ones, including:

  • Building a senior management team remotely as a solo founder.
  • Scaling software between Latin American countries.
  • How her pitch changes when she talks to US investors vs local ones.
  • And adjusting personal roles to take care of a fast-growing company.
Gabriela Levy

Head of Marketing at Latitud

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