April 1, 2021

#23 - Team management ordeals: Lucas Vargas, Nomad

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With a Harvard MBA under his belt, after his role as co-CEO of Groupon, Lucas Vargas had a lot of options for his next step. But he didn't take a step: he took a leap of faith – and decided to join a small proptech startup in Brazil called Viva Real.

As CEO, Brian hired Lucas to be the Vice-President of Sales. Just a couple of years later, Brian knew Lucas was going to be his replacement when he eventually stepped out.

It was a process of intense self-discovery and challenges for Lucas that involved managing highly experienced executives and having to let go of about 400 people, as he led the company through the merger with ZAP and the acquisition by OLX.

Once the deal was finalized, he packed up these lessons to embark on a new journey: Lucas is now leading Nomad, a global digital bank offering financial services and investments for the Brazilian mass affluent.

In this episode:

  • How vulnerability got integrated into his leadership style
  • How they used the DISC framework to build cohesive teams
  • The importance of speed in an early-stage startup environment
  • And the behind the scenes of our merger with ZAP
Gabriela Levy

Head of Marketing at Latitud

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