April 22, 2021

#26 - Navigating the decade post-pandemic: Arnobio Morelix, Chief Data Scientist at Inc. Magazine

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We do not always realize it, but we are living in two economies: digital and analog. In fact, depending on who you ask, 2020 was either the best year for business or the worst, and a lot has to do with how these two orders contrast and relate.

Today, 9 out of the 10 largest companies in the world are in technology, and many began as small startups not very long ago. Meanwhile, new startup ecosystems are developing and causing a surge of fast-growing tech companies that illustrate a massive global economic transition.

Arnobio Morelix is a Brazilian based in Silicon Valley. Formerly the Chief Innovation Officer at Startup Genome, he advised governments and private organizations across 35 countries. He has authored research and analysis with Stanford University, the World Economic Forum, and others, and has been widely featured in global publications like the New York Times and the Economist, to name a few.

Now the Chief Data Scientist at Inc. Magazine, Arnobio also recently wrote "Rebooted", a book that dives into tons of future-looking topics including post-pandemic economies, the tech butterfly effect, and the unintended consequences of major technological change.

In this chat, we talk about a few of these topics and other insights Arnobio has accumulated over years of studying startup ecosystems. You'll learn:

  • How founders and tech creators can navigate the next decade.
  • The two main common threads of successful companies in 2020.
  • How local and global connectedness influence performance.
  • And how to build more responsibly to catch up on what he calls the 'fairness debt.'

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