June 2, 2021

#35 - Altitud | Yasaman Rajaee from Lernico and the future of education

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Born in Iran, Yasaman Rajaee is a first-generation middle eastern immigrant woman. Besides having been a private tutor and teacher, she also has an impressive background as a student and researcher in Technology, Management, Computer Sciences and Engineering. At MIT, for example, she spent a few months investigating how Collective Intelligence can be used to improve the way organizations work.For the last 5 years, she has lived in 5 countries including Germany, Japan and the US. Now in the UK, she combines her experience in tech, education, product and community management to build Lernico, a new social learning platform, where expert can easily build and scale their online learning communities and monetize their knowledge through different types of premium content such as cohort-based courses.

Find out how Lernico works in this episode of Altitud, a segment of Latitud Podcast where we talk to the founders of the future high-flying companies connected to Latin America.

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