July 15, 2021

#48 - Getting through the 'supercritical stage': Renata Quintini, Renegade Partners

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A renegade is someone who renounces conventions.

It is through this innovation mindset that Renata Quintini runs Renegade Partners, an early-stage deep technology investment firm which she co-founded and is currently a Managing Partner at.

Renata has been working in venture for over 15 years, having also been a Partner at Lux Capital and Felicis Ventures. Prior to becoming a VC, she was an investment manager at Stanford University's endowment, which invests in dozens of private equity and venture capital funds.

In this episode, Renata shares:

  • The thesis behind Renegade and their investments
  • What is a founder’s “supercritical” stage
  • Potential red flags founders should be aware of
  • The importance of diversity in the entrepreneurial ecosystem
Gabriela Levy

Head of Marketing at Latitud

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