August 6, 2021

#51 - The future of Fintech in LatAm: Ana Cristina Gadala-Maria, QED Investors

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Fintech is a global trend at the moment, and having people who truly understand it is as valuable as ever.

With a Bachelor's from Stanford and a Harvard MBA, Ana Cristina Gadala-Maria certainly fits this description.

Ana leads Fontes, a seed-stage fund for Latin America fintech at QED, and is a supporter of the LatAm ecosystem through Mosaico, a content platform.

She's passionate about democratizing access to financial services, a strong believer in entrepreneurship as the driving force behind transformative solutions, and an advocate for female and diverse founders.

In this episode, Ana shares:

  • Why fintech is so hot in Latin America (and globally!)
  • How to cater to the "underbanked and under-served"
  • Her opinion on the future of embedded finance
  • Challenges that founders starting or scaling financial services should be aware of
  • How Fontes works within QED

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Gabriela Levy

Head of Marketing at Latitud

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