September 8, 2021

#57 - Altitud | Iona Szkurnik from Education Journey and aggregating the most innovative edtechs in one place

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Born in Brazil, Iona Szkurnik arrived in California 8 years ago. After graduating from Stanford University as a Lemann Fellow, she worked at a couple of Silicon Valley companies and taught at Menlo Park and Palo Alto public-school district. Iona is the co-founder and board member of Brazil at Silicon Valley and PortPy, a project aimed at making coding in Python more accessible to Brazilian youth.

Last year, she also started Education Journey, a startup focused on making innovation core in education. Married and a passionate mother of two teenagers, Iona cannot live without hiking, the ocean, and ice cream.Starting something new?Apply at apply.latitud.com

Gabriela Levy

Head of Marketing at Latitud

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