September 30, 2021

#61 - Building deep relationships as a founder: Sebastian Kreis, Xepelin

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Fintech is extremely hot in Latin America.

Chilean entrepreneur Sebastian Kreis is seeing this opportunity and is building Xepelin with the goal to be the leading SMB digital bank in LatAm. Xepelin is one of the fastest growing fintechs in the history of the region and Sebastian believes they are just getting started, and are here to stay.

Prior to founding Xepelin, Sebastian was a Consultant at BCG and co-founded Safecard. He holds an MBA from UC Berkeley.

In this episode, Sebastian shares:

  • How he met his co-founder Nicolas and how they started Xepelin
  • Why Xepelin is focusing their operations in Mexico
  • The importance of building deep relationships as an entrepreneur
  • His thoughts on debt financing in LatAm
  • And his next challenges as a founder

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