October 14, 2021

#63 - Reaching a $500 million valuation in a year: Dileep Thazhmon, Jeeves

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Founders outside of Silicon Valley have always had a harder time accessing capital, and Latin America is no exception. Add that to the difficulty of paying for global company expenses in local currency and you have yourself a market ripe for disruption.

Dileep Thazhmon founded Jeeves to provide startups with an all-in-one cross country, cross currency expense management platform, making capital accessible through debt and combating equity over-dilution all in one fell swoop.

If you haven't heard of it, that's because Dileep built Jeeves stealthily but, having raised a whopping $131 million in just one year, they're now halfway to unicorn status at a $500 million valuation.

Before Jeeves, Dileep founded Jeeng, which surpassed the $35M+ annual recurring revenue mark and was acquired last year. He also has an investor background and lots of lessons learned during his time with Voyager Capital.

Join us as Dileep and I go into:

  • Challenges and misconceptions of hypergrowth
  • Positive signals to look for in the Latam fintech ecosystem
  • When to fundraise and when NOT to

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Hellen Villena

Product Marketing Specialist at Latitud

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