November 4, 2021

#66 - Building with no-code: Jeff Orr,

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Very few people are product builders at heart, and Jeff Orr is one of them – he founded Maply to connect people to events happening in real-time around them, and has helped the likes of and Noonlight improve their own product and experiences.

He first came into Latitud's radar as a Fellow in our 3rd cohort, but I soon realized that he shared our passion and vision for emerging markets. Now Jeff is spearheading Latitud Launch and taking part in our mission by building the go-to place to launch and discover new tech products in Latin America.

Today Jeff and I will be chatting about:

  • Shipping products faster
  • The no-code approach to business
  • How to hack growth in early-stage companies

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Hellen Villena

Product Marketing Specialist at Latitud

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