November 11, 2021

#67 - Fueling innovation in LatAm: Florian Hagenbuch, Loft

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Entrepreneurship is much like running into a wall until you knock it down, and German-born Florian Hagenbuch has committed to making sure that the wall stays down for those coming after him.

Florian founded Loft to digitalize the real estate market and make it accessible to millions of Brazilians dreaming of owning a home. Their latest funding round bumped them up to a nearly 3 billion-dollar valuation.

With a portfolio of over 100 companies he has personally invested into as an angel, his trajectory naturally evolved into the formation of a VC fund. Canary, a pre-seed and seed-stage investment firm in Latin America, has now over $220M in assets under management.

In this episode, Florian goes over:

  • The lifecycle of disruption opportunities
  • How fast-growing companies can accelerate careers
  • The potential of addressable markets in Latin America
  • Angel investing as a way to give back

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