November 18, 2021

#68 - Achieving ridiculous goals: Andres Bilbao, Rappi and Invert

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Andres Bilbao is a Colombian triple threat, and that goes far beyond being fluent in three languages: he's a unicorn entrepreneur, an angel investor, and a trusted advisor to many others in the LatAm startup ecosystem.

He was one of the co-founders of Rappi and reached an impressive $5.25 billion valuation within six years of starting operations. Now Andres is putting down roots in blockchain as co-founder of Invert, a company pledging to change the way we do conservation through the power of crypto and NFTs.

In this episode, Andres and I will talk about:

  • Fostering entrepreneurship in a team
  • What qualities to look for in a mentor or advisor
  • How blockchain and conservation can intersect to shape the future

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Hellen Villena

Latitud Content Specialist

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