November 25, 2021

#70 - Building teams that bridge gaps: Daniel Bilbao, Truora

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In his own words, Daniel Bilbao is a friend to all latino entrepreneurs. He went from spreading papelitos in Comic Sans looking for engineers to shaping the future of fraud prevention in Latin America. Born and raised in Colombia, his mentality is one of giving back to our region first.

Daniel first dipped his toes into the cybersecurity space with his previous company Paladin Cyber in 2017. Now CEO and co-founder of Truora and backed by the likes of Kaszek, Magma Partners and Y Combinator, he managed to take his business from 0 to $10M annual recurring revenue in two short years.

In this episode, Daniel and I talk about:

  • The role founders play in combating inequity in LatAm
  • How to sell your company's idea to investors
  • What the Latin America startup scene will look like 10 years from now

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