December 2, 2021

#71 - The runway from seed to exit: Rodrigo Baer, SoftBank

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With over 10 years of experience in Brazil's VC scene, Rodrigo Baer was hearing pitches and offering offering term sheets long before the LatAm capital craze started. He has an unquestionable understanding of the country's entrepreneurial landscape, and is a believer of sharing knowledge with the world, which he has been doing for the last four years through his Youtube channel "Pergunte ao VC".

Previously a partner with Redpoint Ventures and a board member for companies such as Movidesk and Cortex Intelligence, he is now a Managing Partner for SoftBank's Latin America fund with a $5bn initial commitment and then an additional $3bn being allocated.

Today, Rodrigo and I are going over:

  • Qualities VCs look for in founders
  • Common questions founders have about exit strategies
  • SoftBank's plans with the latest LatAm fund

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