February 1, 2022

#74 - Building the Netflix of finance: Pierpaolo Barbieri, Ualá

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Making history in LatAm's fintech industry is very on brand for today's guest.

Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Pierpaolo Barbieri left Argentina to study in the US as a young adult. He returned 12 years later with a Harvard University degree and a career as an economic historian and published author, but you may know him from being the founder and CEO of Ualá.

Ualá's complete financial ecosystem was created with the ambition of unifying all financial services into one app and, with 3.5 million cards issued in the 4 years since, I'd say they're on track to meet their goals. With a $350 million Series D led by SoftBank and a $2.45 billion valuation, they're now locked and loaded to expand across all of Latin America.

Join Pier and I for a chat about:

  • Making financial services accessible
  • The role of fintech in promoting social mobility
  • What challenger banks can and should do differently

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Hellen Villena

Product Marketing Specialist at Latitud

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