February 4, 2022

#75 - Altitud | Shaping the future of B2B payments: Nathan Schorr, Flexio

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Born in the US and raised in Uruguay, Nathan is a football enthusiast currently splitting his time between Silicon Valley and Mexico City. As a third-time founder, his passion is in building companies that tackle Latin America's biggest problems.

The problem he is tackling at Flexio is B2B payments: Helping businesses manage their cash flow.

As an entrepreneur-in-residence at Google Launchpad Accelerator for LatAm, he's giving back to the ecosystem by helping less experienced founders navigate the startup world.

On today's episode, Nathan touches on:

  • The unique challenges of cashflow management in Latin America
  • How players in the fintech industry are building complementary solutions
  • The learnings of being a third-time founder

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Hellen Villena

Product Marketing Specialist at Latitud

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