February 10, 2022

#77 - Altitud | Radically challenging the status quo: Rafael Stark, Stark Bank

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Rafael Stark is an engineer with problem-solving in his blood. He started his own Product Studio called Hummingbird and came across a client wanting to automate refunds, and that's where he realized there was a market-wide opportunity to simplify several payment processes at scale.

Stark Bank was born to modernize the financial infrastructure in Brazil through the power of integrations. They were a part of YC's 2020 batch, and are now helping companies such as Loft, Quinto Andar and Buser make operations smoother than ever.Today's episode will discuss:

  • Problem-solving in fintech
  • Innovation in traditional spaces
  • The impacts of open banking in Brazil

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Hellen Villena

Product Marketing Specialist at Latitud

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