October 15, 2020

#8 - Finding the right DNA to attract self-selecting talent: Eric Santos, Resultados Digitais

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A company’s DNA is what makes it stand out. It guides everyone’s behaviors and determines the quality of the people you have by your side, from the initial hires to the hypergrowth stage. It can be the difference between a team that is indifferent and one that is all-in.

This is something Eric Santos and his co-founders paid attention to from the get-go. Similar to what Netflix’s culture code means to Silicon Valley founders, Resultados Digitais’ culture code became well-known in the Brazilian startup ecosystem. The team scaled from 30 to 100 employees in just a few months, then to 230 employees the following year. But RD’s DNA remains the same as it was in the very beginning, 10 years ago.

In this episode,:

  • How the founding team identified the virtues that were authentic to them
  • Some of the difficult conversations they had upfront
  • The challenges they faced while hiring fast
  • And how they operationalized these virtues at scale.
Gabriela Levy

Head of Marketing at Latitud

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