March 8, 2022

#83 - Changing the VC narrative: Lolita Taub, Ganas Ventures

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Lolita Taub has made it her mission to create generational wealth in community.

As the daughter of a Mexican immigrant family, providing underestimated founders and funders with resources is at the core of what Lolita has set out to do. With 15 years working in the Silicon Valley ecosystem, she's made +90 investments as an angel and VC at Backstage Capital and The Community Fund.

Lolita also co-founded the Startup-Investor Matching Tool in 2020, which has since made over +3K intros and helped founders raise $6 million. Now working on building her own fund Ganas Ventures as a General Partner, Lolita's leveraging her online presence and community-building mentality to change the narrative about what being an investor means – you can find her on Twitter at @lolitataub and @ganasvc.

Lolita had some insights to share about:

  • The principles of community-led growth
  • The future of investing relationships between LatAm and the US
  • And bringing diversity into the VC world.

Hellen Villena

Product Marketing Specialist at Latitud

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