May 24, 2022

#94 - Building a capital-efficient fintech from the ground up: Santiago Suarez, Addi

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Santiago Suarez is the Co-Founder and CEO of the “Buy Now Pay Later” solution Addi.

Through Addi’s rapid ascent, Santi has been a central figure in the boom in online sales and e-commerce since the COVID-19 pandemic, securing over 500,000 customers and 1,000 retailers with his company.

Addi raised USD 340 million last year, having already secured some lucrative clients such as Nike, Puma, Apple, and Claro. The organization also recently opened offices in Brazil and Mexico, and they are looking to expand throughout the LATAM region.

In this podcast, Santi offers insights on topics like:

  • The crucial tips and tricks he picked up while working at JP Morgan
  • The gaping holes in the payment solutions market in South America
  • How fintech companies can differentiate themselves to ride the waves of opportunity
  • The key lessons any founder can take on board to be a better CEO

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