May 31, 2023

#145 – M&A and debt lessons for LatAm startup founders: Arthur O'Keefe, Bamboo

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Arthur O' Keefe is no stranger to pressure. He started his professional journey by working in a nuclear submarine for the United States Navy, but later decided to go to Harvard Business School and make a career in finance.

Arthur has led M&A efforts for years at Movile, the Brazilian tech company best known for the delivery app iFood. Now, Arthur's the founder of Bamboo. The company brings the private credit market to the digital world.

In this episode, Arthur and Brian Requarth talk about:

  • Arthur's journey, from a scholarship in the US Navy to dealing with corporate finance for Movile and iFood in Brazil;
  • The lessons he'd share with founders on when to sell or not your startup;
  • The gap that equity investment can't fill on its own, Bamboo's creation, and the debt market's current state.
Brian Requarth

Co-founder of Latitud

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