January 24, 2024

#170 – Building companies in LatAm and the US: Matias Recchia, Keyway

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Over a decade ago, Matias Recchia created a startup to take home maintenance services online. IguanaFix expanded across Latin America, and eventually attracted the Brazilian unicorn Madeira Madeira.

After the sale, Matias dived into a new challenge: bringing more efficiency to the US real estate market. Keyway uses data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to improve how Americans manage investments in commercial properties.

In this episode, Matias and I talk about:

— Whether it's harder to operate a startup in LatAm or the US;

— His company-building lessons, including how to efficiently use AI in your startup;

— And how to divide roles between co-founders.

Brian Requarth

Co-founder of Latitud

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