August 8, 2023

#154 — Betting on Latin America’s e-commerce power: Sujay Tyle, Merama

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Sujay Tyle sold his used cars marketplace to Naspers back in 2019. He could have stopped there. But he decided to double down on a segment and a market that still had a lot to offer.

Sujay co-founded Merama, a marketplace that invests in and partners with e-commerces brands all over Latin America. Merama’s now a unicorn, and Sujay also became a startup investor to share what he’s learned with other founders.

In this episode, Sujay and I talk about:

- How he discovered and leveraged e-commerce in Latin America;
- How to prepare for an exit and deal with competitors from your startup’s early days;
- And the most common advice Sujay gives founders as an investor.

Brian Requarth

Co-founder of Latitud

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