May 23, 2023

#144 – Unlocking Latin American startups' potential: Rafael Costa, Across Capital Partners

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Rafael Costa has been investing in Latin American startups for a decade. He's seen the development of the tech investing scene in LatAm by being an investor in growth equity firms like Vulcan Capital, and by sitting on the board of companies like Loft and Neon.

This experience has opened Rafael's eyes to the opportunity of bridging tech communities in Latin America and the United States. He's now a general partner at Across Capital. The cross-border investment fund aims to leverage that geographic connection, transforming it into a competitive advantage for startups.

In this episode, Rafael Costa and I talk about:

  • How the Latin American startup ecosystem has evolved in the past decade, and at which point of the cycle we're currently in;
  • Latin America's unique market dynamics, and Across Capital's thesis of connecting the tech scenes in the region and in the US;
  • Rafael Costa's view on fund size, company sourcing, and the next few years for founders and investors.
Brian Requarth

Co-founder of Latitud

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