May 10, 2023

#142 – A serial fintech founder's journey: Jorge Vargas Neto, BHub

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As a lawyer, Jorge Vargas Neto met fintech founders like David Vélez from Nubank and Sergio Furio from Creditas. He got so inspired that he decided to become a fintech founder himself.

After exiting two startups to the unicorns PagSeguro and Rappi, Jorge is now on his third journey as a fintech founder. BHub offers back-office-as-a-service for startups and traditional SMBs. They have accomplished a ton in the last couple of years. We have the pleasure of being their first check. They're supporters of our Vamos Latam Summit. And we're customers.

But in this episode, Jorge and I talked about:
- The lessons he learned from his first two fintechs, and what made him want to be a fintech founder for the third time;
- BHub's fundraising journey, and making the decision of how much to spend or to save;
- And how Jorge sees competition and culture in a startup.

Brian Requarth

Co-founder of Latitud

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