July 20, 2023

#152 – Startups' best practices and mistakes on product: Irit Epelbaum, Product Management Coach

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Irit Epelbaum has managed product teams for more than a decade. From San Francisco to São Paulo, she's worked in companies like Trulia, Peixe Urbano, and VivaReal. Now, Irit makes use of that experience to coach founders on the best practices of product management. She's both the product operating partner at Atlantico and an independent product management coach.

In this episode, Irit and Brian Requarth talk about:

- The best practices on product management for startups before they reach product-market fit;

- When to hire a product manager and how to structure the product team;

- How AI is going to affect product management, and why your product might not be working as well as you expected.

Brian Requarth

Co-founder of Latitud

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