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Latitud's Explore Fellowship: 7 reasons you should join the program and community, from one of its membersLatitud's Explore Fellowship: 7 reasons you should join the program and community, from one of its membersLatitud's Explore Fellowship: 7 reasons you should join the program and community, from one of its members

Latitud's Explore Fellowship: 7 reasons you should join the program and community, from one of its members

From professional and personal growth to network expansion and software deals: ways I have transformed my startup and myself with Latitud's Explore Fellowship

Take it from another startup founder: you can't ignore the power of educating yourself in entrepreneurship.

Now you might be remembering those years of traditional scholarly activity. When you sat through years, with the sole objective of finally getting a diploma. 

But that's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about programs for tech entrepreneurs that are able to immerse you in the startup ecosystem, connect you with other inspiring founders, and with that, transform your entrepreneurial career

Of course, there are lessons in the traditional sense, and they can go from business and product strategy to fundraising, growth, and monetization. 

But the new thing is that all of these topics are presented and debated by an ever-growing community. Real talk from top founders, investors, and industry experts. An excellent tech entrepreneurship program will end up forever changing how you create and expand your endeavors

I'm a real-world example of this transformation. 

Guess what? It took me just 8 weeks.

If you’re now convinced to embark on a program for future or early-stage tech founders, it’s time to choose the right program.

I strongly believe that your choice should be Latitud's Explore Fellowship

And here’s why.👇

🎓 Latitud Explore Fellowship 6 Closing Cohort 🎓

1. Professional and personal growth in less than a quarter

We can all agree here: upskilling yourself is always a good idea in an ever-changing world

But Latitud's Explore Fellowship allows you to not only expand your knowledge base. It also allows you to grow on a more personal level

Practical assignments are coupled with 1) mentorship and actionable feedback and 2) community and peer-to-peer activities. I also loved watching the 3) content and resources from previous cohorts, the 4) office hours with mentors in small groups, and the 5) pitch prep and fundraising advice.

Fellowship Portal, with all the resources that startup founders need ✍️

2. Be mentored and led by the best startup founders in LatAm

All sessions in Latitud's Explore Fellowship curriculum are taught by successful entrepreneurs, investors, and industry experts. These are creators that have built and sold startups, won awards, and/or currently run investment firms.

Their rich experience allows them to present real-world case studies and examples in classes

3. Get real-world startup skills and an immediate impact on your business

No matter the nature of your business, you will need to analyze complex problems, formulate product strategy, persuade others about your startup ideas, understand key fundraising metrics, manage your first employees, know how to eventually build a star team, stand firmly behind your decisions, and much more. 

All of this you can find in the curriculum – and it was fundamental to the development of my own Napice. The real-world experience of successful entrepreneurs, investors, and industry experts means that lessons can be applied to your startup and yourself from day zero.

4. Study and engage with 100s of startup founders in LatAm

There were 120 participants in my cohort, representing a diversity of Latin American countries. I also rubbed virtual shoulders with senior professionals from different backgrounds and industries across cohorts – in total, more than 1,000 possible connections!

They all are potential business partners, angel investors, mentors, advisors, or even just friends. The program helped tremendously to expand my network, in a way that would not have been possible otherwise.

🎙️ Software Engineering Breakfast Club 🎙️

5. Participate in virtual collaboration opportunities

You might have concluded this from the previous reason, but completing Latitud's Explore Fellowship also teaches valuable collaboration skills.

It's not just a list of written contacts or faces on Zoom. You’ll engage in live and async discussions and work in groups, taking in points of view from classmates around the world. The communication platforms provided by Latitud take what's best from online communication and facilitate these discussions.

🎮 Join the experience and play the best collaborative game ever for founders! 🎳

6. Learn online and stay motivated

One of the main advantages of all online programs, applicable also to Latitud's Explore Fellowship, is that you can set your own pace, giving you a better chance to absorb the coursework

Latitud's 6-week program is designed in week-short sessions. That way, they allow you to get valuable knowledge while working on your startup.

7. Exclusive access to software deals

Through Latitud Deals, startup founders have access to more than 50 discounts and exclusive offers on industry-leading tools

There's already US$100,000 worth of free credits and discounts available, and new deals are constantly being added on all the tools you’ll need to build a startup. These include AWS, Hubspot, Silicon Valley Bank, Carta, Stripe, Notion, legal fees, and more.

Besides that, the Latitud Membership includes access to content, resources, and a Slack Workspace. Latitud also offers limited scholarships that are available for female founders and underrepresented groups.

Latitud's Explore Fellowship is totally worth your effort

All of this sounds great, doesn’t it? After all the additional hours spent in front of my laptop screen, I can say it’s a wonderful experience. 

You need a passion for learning to learn. At Latitud's Explore Fellowship, you gain control of your own learning environment and education. This ultimately helps you develop a deeper understanding of the program's live sessions and material. Startup founders have the opportunity to fashion their education into something that fits them – not the other way around.

Latitud Explore Fellowship Certificate of Completion 😎

Are you ready to boost your founder journey and take the next step?

Feel free to comment or reach out to me directly with any questions. Please note that this article expresses my personal opinion and is not sponsored by anyone. It does not necessarily represent the view of my startup or any other association that I currently have.

Stay tuned

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