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Vamos Latam Summit: why you should go to our biggest event to dateVamos Latam Summit: why you should go to our biggest event to dateVamos Latam Summit: why you should go to our biggest event to date

Vamos Latam Summit: why you should go to our biggest event to date

Latitud is uniting the best entrepreneurs, investors, and builders of LatAm's startup ecosystem. See you in São Paulo on September 21st, 2022
Brian Requarth
Co-founder of Latitud
August 22, 2022

The life of a founder is generally a lonely one. That happened to me as well – and that's one of the reasons Gina, Yuri and I created Latitud. We wanted ideas, talent and investment opportunities to find each other. 

The entrepreneurial journey is hard. With a community pushing each other, though, scaling a mountain is not as daunting as it first seemed. And luckily for all of us, the LatAm startup ecosystem is full of high-caliber kind people, who won’t think twice about lending you a hand. 

We've mostly been remote up to now. But I'm a huge believer in the potential of IRL events to spark connection and innovation. So we'll be making our biggest get-together to date with the best participants of LatAm's startup ecosystem. 

Since we didn't get to meet in person for as long as 2 years, we got greedy – and now look to put in one (big) room 1,000+ of the brightest entrepreneurial minds in the region. And, if you're reading this, of course you're also invited! 

We've decided to call this big party Vamos Latam Summit (VLS). So mark it on your calendar, and put a star on it: we have a date next September 21st, in São Paulo (Brazil).

This is a unique opportunity to get together with the founders, operators, and investors building the LatAm ecosystem. That means making connections that can lead not only to deals, but also to valuable long-term relationships.

On stage, you will also witness top-notch content from startup founders and investors in LatAm, with world-class experience. A few of those high-caliber speakers confirmed are Andres Bilbao (Rappi), Camilla Junqueira (Endeavor), Dileep Thazhmon (Jeeves), Gabby Cazeau (Harlem Capital), Gabriel Vasquez (Andreessen Horowitz), Ian Hathaway (former Techstars), Ingrid Barth (Linker), Izabel Gallera (Canary), Marcelo Lima (Monashees), Pete Flint (NfX), Santiago Fossatti (Kaszek), and Sergio Furio (Creditas). 

To top it all off with great style, we'll also end our event with a very special virtual fireside chat with Mike Krieger, the Brazilian co-founder of Instagram. 

There'll be a simultaneous translation for all the panels, so don't let language be a barrier!

Vamos Latam Summit is actually a series of events: we chose São Paulo for our big debut, but the plan is to replicate VLS in other cities across Latin America. But don't miss the chance to be present at our first event. We'll make history together! You. Me. Growing our startups over caipirinhas. Just think about that…

Learn more about Vamos Latam Summit and get your tickets!

(For our smart readers: use the code EarlyBird25 and get a discount! But this code runs out quickly, so better act fast!)

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